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Flawless Faces And Hair FAQ:

Looking and feeling good is achieved with personalized and professional attention to both hair and skin. Flawless Faces And Hair is committed to providing qualified services. Here are some of the questions that we often receive from our clients:

Why Should I Choose Flawless Faces And Hair?

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury but essential to your overall health. Flawless Faces And Hair offers personalized services from professional staff who takes the time required to make you feel special and understand your particular needs. From the moment we walk through the door count on personalized and attentive service from our top beauty experts.

We Offer:

  • Personalized consultations
  • Highest standards of hygiene
  • Up-to-date equipment
  • High quality non-toxic products
  • Reasonable rates

Is A Bridal Trial Necessary?

Technically No, but we would always recommend one. That way you can see your vision put together for your wedding day. It also gives us a chance to sit down with you, and talk to you in depth about your bridal beauty needs, what to expect the day of your wedding, working on your time line and perfecting your perfect look.

Where Is The Trial Located?

Your bridal trial will be located in Hanover, PA. Please plan for at least 2 Hours for your entire trial. Come Fresh Faced and with Day old hair.

Payment Information:

What Payment Methods Do You Take:

We invoice through Paypal, you do not need to have a Paypal account in order to use it. You can click pay as guest, and pay with your credit card.

How Much is Your Retainer Fee to Secure My Wedding Date?

We require a $250 Non Refundable Retainer Fee To book your wedding date. We are unable to secure your date in our calendar with the signed contract and retainer fee.

Do you accept separate payments from bridesmaids?

No. As the bride you pay all deposits and final balances, and it is your responsibility to garner payment from your bridal party.

What is the best way to handle gratuity?

At Flawless Faces And Hair, Gratuity is never expected, and we do not add it to your contract. But As you would for any service, it is suggested that you tip your artists at least 18-20% of your service fees for both trial and wedding day services. Cash only please! For day-of services, a separate envelope for each stylist is very helpful and much appreciated.

Call for More Information

Call or visit to schedule an appointment to learn more about a range of esthetic services that are customized according to your hair and skin type, personal preferences and unique lifestyle.